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KEYNOTE SPEAKING Serving Your Mission

Where is the starting point for Excellence?
Motivation? Why we cannot motivate ourselves?
Social media, motivation & brand - they are connected!
What means to make a brand?
Top-athlete, Scholar, Entrepreneur - It is natural.
My journey on four continents and getting an invitation to the Olympics.

MOTIVATION & DECISION MAKING Research, Theory & Practice

We teach you how to nurture Excellent Mindset through the introduction of 4 powerful pillars based on research, theory and practices. This course is the foundation for the development of purpose-driven and social business because it is focused on understanding the fundamental needs of human beings as the holistic paradigm proposes. We implement psychology and neuroscience findings.

SOCIAL BUSINESS Blueprints & Case Study

We introduce You Social Business (SB) and Social Entrepreneurship (SE) on Excellence Academy case study. We teach You how individual brands can be transferred into the Business and in particular SB model. Also, for companies, we present several SB blueprints that can strengthen the company's mission and foster social development. We have the capacity to assist You finding Your unique niche that suits perfectly Your company's mission and vision.

YOU ARE A BRAND Do What You Love to Do

We assist You with the know-how to recognize Your Talents, Passions, Values, Conscience and find Your unique niche. We together define Your social image and public appearance. Value of small numbers, the path of trust, personal story are some crucial nutshell chapters along with the design, marketing, business, wellbeing, and accountability. Eventually, we go together on how to grow bigger!

MAKE AN EVENT Inspiring, Motivating and Transforming

Give us a task to inspire, motivate and transform Your staff and give us key from Your office. Whether corporate or sports organization the event engages Your staff and guests domestic or international to create learning and purpose-driven atmosphere and environment that will become Your annual event. Witness leadership!


We assist You to master fundamental leadership skills in a way that self-discipline and critical thinking are nurtured through what is known as liberal arts. This course is for those who have a vision but not yet clear and for those who are going towards the vision but facing challenges of losing it, and for those who feel they need improvement in a way that is hard to describe. What are the skills that make leaders open-minded, disciplined, and charismatic?


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