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3 Things We Accomplished in 2019

28. December 2019.

Excellence Academy is grateful that it can celebrate extraordinary achievements of its people and programs in 2019 that are the true foundation for future development. Academic & Grassroots ActionsAcademy engaged Alumni and Academy mentors to share their experiences with young …

Transformers Roadshow in Sarajevo

3. September 2019.

Transformers Roadshow is a science, technology and innovation competition. It provides a platform to accelerate and amplify the work of innovators and entrepreneurs. The competition is about finding and supporting new ideas that can help communities build their own healthy and prosperous futures. …

STEM Youth Camp 2019

13. August 2019.

Association for Science and Technology Development (Asocijacija za napredak nauke i tehnologije – ANNT) organized for the second year in a row “STEM Youth Camp” for high school students in Bosnian and Herzegovinian city Konjic (Aug, 6 – 10, 2019). …