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Our mission is to inspire and empower youth to recognize their personal values and talents through sport, culture and education programs.
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Edin Brankovic Excellence Academy Bioethics
17. November 2019.
The Question of Mental Health as the Question of Modern Sport

The founder of Excellence Academy and National team representative Edin Branković presented...

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Excellence Academy_Akademija Izvrsnosti_Tarik Cengic 2
6. November 2019.
The School in Stolac has given to people the faith in a better tomorrow – Interview with Tarik Čengić

Fourteen consecutive years of International School Youth & Heritage and organization of numerous internationally...

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2019-08-20-Olivier-Mutter-Excellence Academy_Akademija Izvrsnosti
10. September 2019.
The Three Pillars of the YOG Lausanne 2020 Educational Programme

Olivier Mutter teaches at the University of Lausanne. He is a project...

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2019-09-09-Leaders-inside-03_Excellence Academy_Akademija Izvrsnosti
9. September 2019.
IOC Young Leaders Join Local Start-Ups, Creatives And Entrepreneurs for the First Ever IOC “Createathon”

The 4th annual IOC youth summit held this weekend from 6 to...

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3. December 2019.
Holistic Experience of Motivation

The founder of Excellence Academy and National team representative Edin Branković presented...

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Our Live & Webinar Courses

Keynote, Motivation, Social Enterprenuership, Making a Brand and more



Excellence Academy_Akademija Izvrsnosti Sport


You will learn the principles and methods of learning, motivation, self-awareness, emotion control and self-reflection briefly champion's mindset that is necessary for elite sport and in any other field where you want to prosper.
Excellence Academy_Akademija Izvrsnosti Edukacija


You are equipped with tools and skills to recognize own values and talents, to define life mission. Also, through this program you attain knowledge about Liberal Arts (reading-writing, logic, rhetoric) and skills for successful teamwork, self-analysis, prioritizing, going over obstacles and public speaking.
Excellence Academy_Akademija Izvrsnosti Kultura


You are equipped with a theoretical and practical understanding of why multicultural and plural society is the foundation of any socio-economic development. Programs encompass fields of tradition and art.