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Our mission is to inspire and empower youth to recognize their personal values and talents through sport, culture and education programs.
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Excellence Academy Bosnia and Herzegovina_Akademija Izvrsnosti_ISS Youth and Heritage 2
29. July 2019.
The Challenges of Bosnian Plurality – International Conference and Summer School “Youth and Heritage”

From 27th to 31st July Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city Stolac hosts...

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Stolac Summer School_Akademija Izvrnosti_Excellence Academy Bosnia and Herzgeovina
19. July 2019.
International Summer School “Youth and Heritage” Ćuprija – Stolac

Excellence Academy is honored to forward the announcement of the Fourteenth International...

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IOC_Excellence Academy_Akademija Izvrsnosti_Edin Brankovic 3
18. July 2019.
Excellence Academy Part of 125 Years Successful IOC History

Excellence Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded as the social project...

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Tarik_Hadzovic_Akademija Izvrsnsoti_Excellence Academy
7. June 2019.
Thrive towards Excellence – Interview with Tarik Hadžović (Alumni 2016)

After successful bachelor graduation on University of Sarajevo (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering...

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31. July 2019.
Bosnian Traditional Crafts on the Summer School “Youth and Heritage”

One of the most unique characteristics of the International Summer School “Youth...

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Excellence Academy is among world top projects for youth in 2016 and 2018

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Interactive lectures and workshops enable you to know theoretical and practical values of multicultural & plural society which are the foundation of any socio-economic development. They encompass fields of: tradition and art.


You learn principles and methods of learning, motivation, self-control, champions mindset, emotion control, self-refelction that necessary in elite sport and in any other field of interest.
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You are equiped tools and skills to recognize own values and talents, to define life mission. Also, through this program you attain knowledge about ``Liberal Arts`` (reading-writing, logic, rhetoric) and skills for sucessfull team work, self-analysis, prioritizing, going over obstacles and public speaking.